My name is Andrew French. I am a happy hog farmer, a perennial permaculture designer, a writer of prose and poetry, an intermittent builder, a hotheaded chef and baker, a budding mechanic, a manic organic gardener, a tenacious yogi, a half-deaf musician and singer, and most of all I am just a human being that likes to walk around and enjoy being in nature, with my dog Belle and a friend or two.

We think of Kung Fu as martial arts, but the real meaning is a skill achieved through hard work and practice. Kung means “work”, “achievement”, or “merit”. Fu means man. So essentially the title of this blog is referring to my efforts to work hard and learn the skills it takes to be a farmer. I am also trying to make fun of myself a little bit, because I do tend to take things too seriously.

One thought on “About

  1. Andrew,

    I had the pleasure of discovering your website after a conversation with a friend on recycling and the reality behind our carbon emissions and recycling waste. I’ve been a supporter of Organic Consumer since 92′, written actively against Monsanto’s practices, and believe in the farming you have committed yourself to. You have a wonderful life that I’ve envisioned for my husband and I in our retirement – more likely cows than pigs though! I hope that it’s not too late for us……

    One of your recommended books, “One Straw Revolution” I have on my reading table and which my husband Jake purchased back in the 70’s. A great book and a true example of how organic farming can be profitable and therefore desirable for the small farmer whose plight we need to protect. We need more farms like yours. There’s another good book I read recently that you might like, “Farmacy” by Dr. Daphne Miller. I could see your farm profiled in a sequel…..

    Ralph Nader, whom I met earlier this year at a fundraising event, said the challenge to preserve the small farms in our future will be one of the biggest challenges of this century. He is right.

    Will look forward to your letters!
    Many thanks, Melanie Pollard

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