There is no perfect

There is a ton of work to do in our lives.

We all need real work, work with our hands, with the sweat of our brows and the strength of our backs, work made with an eye for intricacy and attention to detail. This work nourishes our sense of purpose and place in the world.

The flipside of our physical work is the work that goes on inside us.

In our manual labor or in our artworks, in our loves and in our friendships, in the act of nurturing one being or another, we bring into the world something that wasn’t there before, the creativity and sustenance that makes the world a better place.

We need to find a passion and stick to it.

Physical things fall apart eventually, everything dies and evolves through the bardos. A Tibetan creation, the bardos are the stages a living being goes through after death until they are reborn again as another living being. To me, it is a wonderful metaphorical device to describe the way the universe cycles through life and death. I used to believe in the physical realness of the spiritual, but in the absence of evidence,  I do not believe in spirituality like that any more. I believe we do not know all the mysteries of the universe, but I don’t believe we need to believe in fairy tales. The universe has more to offer us then we can imagine, and we only need to began to recognize the beauty that exists all around us.

I believe in the beauty of the energy and the beauty of time. The Koine Greek word for beauty was horaios, derived from hora meaning hour. Their concept of beauty was simply “being of one’s hour.” Someone trying to appear older or younger then they were was tragic or comic. The Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi sabi  sees time as an essential component of beauty. The smile wrinkles on an old monk’s face are beautiful, as are the cracks in an decaying wooden post.

Beauty is not separate from time, and time is what creates meaning in our souls. Time and energy create beauty, and when we look for beauty instead from imaginary beings or pathological morality codes we lose sight of what true beauty is. We accept religion because we are afraid of time and our inevitable mortality. Fear creates ugliness.

I could state that I know for a fact that there is no such thing as a god or a devil. But the only things I know for sure is that don’t know everything and I am imperfect. The idea of perfection is insidious. It insinuates that whatever exists now in the present, is imperfect. It hints that the past possessed perfection or the future will. It never sits still and develops cracks and lines. The idea of perfection is not beautiful, and it does not exist in this cosmos.

So today do not judge yourself for not being perfect, because there is no such thing. You are exactly like every other thing in this galaxy, you are perfectly who you are, where you are, right now.


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