The magic of taking time

Is there ever a reason to rush?

I thought about this as I walked steadily down a a winter road, melting ice running off the invisible pitch into the ditch. My lower back was sore and my cheeks were cold.

When we rush to another place/time/event/goal, where do we end up?

If we rush, we create a life lived in a whirlwind. At some point we will exit the whirlwind, and soon after we will die. The whirlwind is attractive to some, but not to me.

If there is any time to do something, there is time to do it right. We should never think about spending time, we should think about taking time because in reality it is our only real possession.

All things fade away and die and all things fall apart. But so what. It is also the case that all things come back to life and all things are recreated. The more we can breathe with that, the more we can feel in possession of our own lives. And really what we all most want is control of our time. Really we want to play. If we can’t play, in a way we’re already dead.

So as I walk down the road, cheeks cold and feet numb, I think about how rich I am, with an endless hour ahead of me that I can enjoy in whatever way I want to. Instead of focusing on the negatives of the moment, I let go and see the world around me.

Really there is no rush and I can take each moment to do what needs to be done. I can remember that this moment is just as important as the next one. You are actually living your life, right now. I forget that sometimes, somehow.




It’s been a busy couple of months. Now that the new year is almost upon us, I’m forcing myself to take some time to reflect. Over the last two months I have found and purchased a new property which took up most of my energy. Now, I sit in my new writing room and feel a sense of peace.


Just kidding. I actually don’t because I woke up and my storm door was more or less torn off it’s hinges by the 50 mph winds that are gusting around and blowing shit all to hell. Not only that but on Christmas, yesterday, I visited my folks up north, but had to get my butt home as it was starting to drizzle and glare ice was forecast for the evening. Now all is covered in a thin to thick layer of very slippery ice. Neither I nor my animals are happy with this weather. It’s not the weather’s fault so much, but I can still loathe it for the time being.

I’ve probably consumed more sugar in the last few days then I have in the last few years, which could also be affecting my moods, i.e. blood sugar levels. But all in all I know that I need to write as well. If a writer don’t write (or a painter don’t pain) they get ornery. So I’ll sum up my last two months for you:

  • Went through the FSA loan application processed
  • Passed through it and was approved for a loan, but it dragged on for about a month or more and meanwhile;
  • Found a property I loved and put in an offer which was accepted after some changes that were not significant
  • Began to move some stuff over to new property, as the owners and I had an agreement in which I moved stuff over early and they had a period of time after closing to move stuff out
  • Moved stuff to a friend’s place, my folk’s place, and my girlfriend’s place as well
  • Finally realized I had to call the Title Insurance company to set up closing because no one seemed able to make that happen
  • Got the property insured
  • Set up a few thousand feet of paddocks at new property
  • Moved my pigs over to new property over the course of 4 trips
  • Finally moved everything off old property and then went to live at my girlfriend’s place for 6 days before the closing date
  • In those 6 days commuted to do chores at new property and continued to set up paddocks etc…
  • Finally got to the closing date and bought my property. Moved in to the new house that night. It was great.
  • Chores

So I probably missed a few things, but overall it was killer. It’s been three weeks now, and I’m finally starting to feel a little more normal. You can catch my advice on How to Buy a Farm in the February issue of Acres USA Magazine:

Other writing projects are in the works and I will be updating you on that as they become available. As a new property owner I have a lot to do, and I will keep you up to date on my daily trials and tribulations as well, of course.

Now the snow is falling and the winds are gusting hard. As usual, everything falls apart and we have to put it all back together. I just wish the wind would die down a little bit…