Breathe for me

Life happens when there is a balance between contraction and expansion. My pulse and breath are the rhythms that keep me alive each day. For the most part they are ignored, but sometimes I focus on them.

I am amazed at some of the things that have occurred in the last two months. Things that actually fill me with wonder. At the same time I can see that without the contrast between the light and the dark in my life, I could not observe this time of expansion so clearly.

Many people are filled with sadness and dismay at the recent presidential election. But I will not post about that right now. I see the darkness looming ahead of us as only a manifestation of what we have subconsciously created. The shadow self in the flesh, a nightmare made true.

But that happens. The darkness can overwhelm.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been holding my breathe for twenty years. Waiting for everything to fall apart. Holding my breathe doesn’t keep things from falling apart though. So many of my close friends have died at a young age.  They are gone. They only live on in memories and feelings. I have the chance to live again every time I take a breath. In my mind, they live on through me by what they taught me about what it is to be alive in this world, in this moment.

There is no expansion without contraction and vice versa. The excitement I feel right now could be shattered in a moment by some unforeseen event. But worrying about that, thinking about that, analyzing that – these are all contractions into myself.

Letting go is the ultimate act of expansion. Sometimes words can get under our skins, sometimes people really mean to hurt us, sometimes events happen that scar us. But the fact that we can breathe again and let go gives us the power to heal. Even if I have held my breathe for the last twenty years, I can take a breath right now.


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