Just be

There is really nothing you can do.

There is nobody to please. Nothing to prove. No reason to impress.

There is nowhere to go. No place better then another.  No home that will not crumble.

There are really no words to say. But of course, I must try to say them. I am human.

We judge every single action that we do. I don’t know why. We are trained very early on, and we are trained continuously throughout life to fear most everything, and to judge most everything, and to put most everything into compartments.

Take a moment. Sit still, breathe.

Don’t go anywhere. Don’t think ahead. Don’t think of the past.

Take a moment, take a breath.

Remember yourself as a child. Remember the way you looked out onto the world. Remember the way you felt.

Forget it. Sit.

We only possess a small spark of life, nothing else.

This breathe I possess now, and now it is gone.

One heartbeat – so fast I cannot even type a sentence before a dozen more come and go.

One sip of tea, and then it is gone. A pleasure on the tongue and then warmth in the stomach. Soon, piss in the pot.

The only thing we have is our spark and the moment. Some people say YOLO, but I say you only live a trillion times, over and over. Each time, new. Each time, different.

We can’t hold on to anything, least of all our image of ourselves.

There is nothing about me that is perfect. There is no such thing as perfect.

So, dispense with the judgement.

Sit for a moment. Breathe a little.

Forgive your self, forgive your body, forgive all.

Let it all go. It isn’t for us. It is death accumulating in the corners like dust.

Forgive and let go. You have a trillion moments to cherish.


Just be.




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