Big Mess

One day you feel good, the next day you feel bad.

We search for oracles to give us some guidance on this roller coaster. What sage words can guide us through the bad and back to the good?

Amazing how our imagination creates pressure and stress where there is nothing at all. We create patterns out of the waves of the past. We wander a desert of our own making. We are thirsty after drinking. Nothing is very unusual, but in all ways we are unsatisfied.

Dukkha. The inevitable unsatisfactoriness of existence. It is a way to understanding life – Buddha and Jesus couldn’t stop talking about it. Sukkha – satisfaction, the joy of just being alive. Here we are, up and down, but it is obviously our confusion about dukkha that creates the Big Mess. Perhaps also our confusion about what satisfaction is.

What do we truly need to be happy, alive, and satisfied? What are some of the erroneous thoughts that we have been programmed to think that leads us into dukkha?

Watchin my animals, I see that they have a simple way – they are unsatisfied if they are thirsty, hungry, uncomfortable, sick, or alone. They have urges to run, fly, roam, be alive, and breed. All in all, same as us, but we’ve added layer upon layer of complexity to our lives within our complex cerebrum.

Is there a code to crack here? Does happiness lie in cessation of dukkha? Or is sukkha and dukkha simply the crest and trough of the waves we call life?


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