Judge not

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

I’ve learned how to judge everything with as much prejudice as possible. This is a learned behavior, not natural, but extremely prevalent in our society. We are a large pack of apes sitting around judging the shit out of everything around us.

The internet makes it easy to point fingers and judge. What a waste of time! At the end of the day, who cares about what anybody on the internet is doing – there is nothing on the internet that is more important then your own life, your own journey. The internet is a seemingly endless judgement parade.

I’ve found that the more we judge others the more we are judging ourselves. Getting rid of judgement can significantly reduce conflict. So the question is, are you addicted to conflict? Does anger and hatred get your Amygdala all jazzed up?

I only say all this because I have my own issues with judgement as an addiction. I’ve found that sometimes I can judge myself so harshly that I end up living in state of fear – fear of my own hatred. What a crazy way to live, and when I found myself there I try to tell myself that I can go ahead and relax. Breathe a little. Remember that my days are numbered and all the judgement in the world will not change my next breath, will not foster wonder or joy or happiness within me or my loved one.

Stop criticizing your every action and start loving yourself. It’s very simple but difficult. I think we are probably all in it together.


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