life pulse

Each moment I sit here – filled with whatever is in me – I can feel the life pulsing in a rhythm shared by all the other life in the universe. The life, the love, the laughter, even a few tears, some broken bones, a couple false starts. So precious our every moment. Remember that, when the day falls silently around you.


2 thoughts on “life pulse

  1. Hey! My name is Eli Utne and I am a future farmer in Osceola. I just read this post, written on my 24th birthday (Feb 5th), and it floored me, as did many of your other posts. I will be moving out to Osceola (our family’s land is on County Road K on Mud Lake, called Lily Springs Farm) this spring and so I wanted to reach out and let you know that I will soon be your neighbor. I would love to take a walk soon, to connect with you and see how your farm is going. Also, I will be working directly with Severine Fleming of Greenhorns starting on Monday, as she is visiting for the MOSES and Catholic Farmworkers conferences, among other things. She and I have just become friends and I’m sure she would love to visit you all too, especially in that LTD is a self-described Greenhorns farm! Anyway, please let feel free to contact me anytime and I truly look forward to meeting you. my cell is 612.817.4291

    • Thank you Eli – we have met since this comment but I wanted to respond and say thank you for your kind words as well. Of course we will get together soon and hope your farming endeavors are meeting with success and joy!

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