Being a Kung Fu Farmer is being a Warrior. A Warrior is a person that walks on the Warrior’s Path.

The Warrior’s Path leads one through this brief life with a set of principles and a sense of place within space and time.

The simple overarching reality of our human lifespans is that we are born, we live a life that is full of some wonderful things and some terrible things, characterized by joys and pains, and then after all is said and done, we die. We decay into the ground or are burned up into ash.

I found myself on the Warrior’s Path after some intense difficulties and struggles. It had been years since I was enlightened by my friend’s suicide. I found myself dealing with other losses in my life, and problems I had to overcome. I felt that, essentially, if I didn’t muster the strength within myself to keep going over these bumps in the road, I would lose the momentum that came from enlightenment’s first push down it. I would dissolve into something else, a different person who just lived a life with no meaning, no passion, joi de vivre.

I had developed my own personal skills and philosophies through trial and error over the course of my entire life, and everything I had ever learned about the techniques and theory of being a human being on this earth coalesced into this concept – the Warrior’s Path. It was like the spine of my life  – what everything else in the body depends on.

I found that the Warrior’s Path helped me to muster the inner strength and courage I needed to get through those times – and I made it through with minimal scars. Amazingly enough I found a richer life than I could have imagined and even true love on the other side of the rainbow. I also found that I had become a farmer. As I dived headlong into the world of farming I relied on the Warrior’s Path to get me past so many of the hurdles that faced me in the beginning. It seemed that I faced a battle around every corner, and after the battles were fought some of my strength was lost. I felt like I was beginning to lose that inner vitality that I had been so reliant on. This was not a good feeling. For me, this was the feeling of being off the Warrior’s Path – I couldn’t find myself in time or space, and my principles seemed hollow.

I needed to find the path again. Luckily over the years I had built a sort of internal GPS system to guide me back on track. The goal of the Kung Fu Farmer is to continue forward on the Warrior’s Path. The Kung Fu Farmer is 100% present in the moment, able to do what needs to be done – which, as a farmer, is everything.

Life is very difficult at times. Being a Warrior means not letting Fear guide your every move. Cultivating awareness allows us to choose our steps wisely, and that is all, in the end, we can do.


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