Is Design even possible?

Change and pattern, pattern and change.

Each choice is an action, each action creates a pattern.

Pattern changes how energy flows. Can we design something with any effectiveness or does it all flow back toward chaos? In the latter, then, is design a brace against chaos/ if so what is the point/ nature has embraced chaos, evolution is chaos embraced by nature. Evolution is nature’s design science. Without a few billion years of time to perfect our own personal systems, perhaps we are wildly delusional to think we can perfect our habitats or even change them with any degree of success?

Yet we can change them, we are changing them, by taking small (by ratio) bites of the planet until we’ve eaten our piece of the pie.

I know that no amount of words can change feelings, only actions can indeed change hearts. So therefore is action the reality and design the delusion?

Back to patterns:
A walk down a muddy path can create entire different ecosystems at varying points along the path. Having created a creek, one can then go down the path of subsequent action and see the result: The Grand Canyon. Like a butterfly in China can bring forth a tornado in Kansas. Cause and effect seem so simple, and yet we can not grasp these concepts with our hearts, only slightly with our minds.
A spiral is linear motion wrapped around itself. Like a downward spiral, each turn around the spiral can create a feedback loop that furthers the spiral. This motion is almost impossible to stop.
We have the ability to conjure great landscapes with our metal beasts of burden that can basically do anything we can imagine – but only at one point in time and one place.

A choice= a new pattern. Hand in hand they go. A choice may also not be a conscious exercise. Can an animal make a choice? Yes. Can a rock? Not exactly. Is therefore a rock not sentient? According to our timeframe, no it is not. Can a river make a choice? What is choice??

The ability to look at the options presented and pick one out of a list for specific personal conscious or unconscious reasons. Therefore making list-making one of the primary human activities. What is a list?

Somehow grouping together similar items or activities in a specific order.

“The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible… And how, as a human being, does one face infinity? How does one attempt to grasp the incomprehensible? Through lists…” -Umberto Eco

All accounting is listmaking with math. As well as the sciences, as well as religion, as well as politics…Art? Maybe. Agriculture, yes. Culture, in other words.

If culture is list making (as well as list doing), prioritizing what one’s life is in the face of the infinite, then chaos, in the poetic meaning of the word, is the antithesis of culture. In our subconsious chaos come to mean death and hell and decay and loss.

A list is a pattern related to time and space, a quantum snapshot of one moment in life.

A mixture of heart and mind, a balance between nothing and everything. That may be our one human characteristic that no other sentient thing has – the ability to create and destroy everything or nothing by simply choosing to do so. To design we create lists, we accumulate data and make maps and diagrams.
The list-maker, the maker of things. Human, the maker of things, human, the maker of lists.

Chaos theory: Showing that the influences of beginnings can have an incredible impact on the patterns onward. The groove in the road. But we can not take a deterministic system and predict the outcome without infinite data. Infinite data is God, is all there is, perhaps.


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