open source life

Opening up.

Open Heart, Open Mind, Open Arms, Open Source.

Here in the present moment there is the person you want to be and in your mind lives the person you were. Who we want to be can drive us forward into the future, who we were sometimes pulls us back. Each one of us embodies the principle of Yin/Yang. We flow back and forth between darkness and light.

Opening up speeds healing. We need healing before we can begin our creative work. Unhealed wounds keep us tied to who we were. Regeneration cannot happen until wounds are dressed. Opening up and acknowledging all the emotions and feelings that flow through us every moment is a good way to begin healthy growth. A stunted landscape of the soul is a result of years of misuse and neglect. We’ve all been hard on ourselves and hard on others because we don’t really know what we are doing until we examine our landscapes without bias.

The beautiful thing is that there is always this present moment in which you or I can simply open up and begin to heal from the inside outward. Even writing this is a form of opening myself up and creates a sense of vulnerability, something I am not comfortable with. But this discomfort is a small beacon, bringing my attention to my fears. My fears show me what I need to address in myself.

I also believe the control we try to exert over our environment is a mirror of our fears. We fear that we are actually wildly out of control, or we fear losing the control that makes us feel comfort. The comfort is another beacon, bringing my attention back to my mind. Why do I feel comfortable in some circumstances and not others? What seed of fear was planted at what moment in my life? There is so much to learn about the landscape of our hearts and minds.

That is my birthday missive – to encourage myself and you and all of us to simply open up each day as much as we can because that is a practice that will allow us to be present and aware of the water of life that flows through us. We can drink the water, bathe in it, shy away from it, make an umbrella. No matter what we do, the water will always flow.




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