Dreamtime 1

Fragments of dreamtime in the middle of summer.:

No rain for days, then a sprinkle – somehow the absence of water and then its presence causes anxiety

When you can smell wet wood in a house this also causes anxiety.

My power of smell has been heightened lately – perhaps due to the cessation of smoking. The sense of smell is the most powerful one – it is directly connected to our old brain. We perceive the world with our eyes and say it is a world of this shape at this XYZ axis moving thusly. But with smell we use the canvas of our minds to paint the picture that is told to us by odor.

Odor is molecules of a substance left behind. Molecules comes into our nose. Smelling and eating are closely related. Very intimate sense.

Today I dig down. Life is that membrane I dig through. It is a huge act, to change the skin of the earth. As modern humans, we are wildly nonchalant about digging.

Perhaps the key word is “respect” which is closely related to “empathy”. If our urge is to connect and be part of the larger picture, maybe we need to discard the notion that we are not everything already, that we are that thing that is out there, or we have been, or consider that thing deserves as much empathy as we do.

To live like the aboriginal people who respected the land – is this just a dream now?


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