Hearth Economics

Economy – from the Greek for “household management”.

The issues that come with the every day economics of living as a self-employed farmer has been weighing on me of late. There are so many things to manage as a farmer, and for some reason creating a home to live in and taking care of my most important  relationships seem to fall to the bottom of the list. This spring I decided that this was completely backwards. It was time to do a 180.

I need to work on my important  relationships and my  home in order to be a happy person, and THEN I can become a good manager of our farm. I had thought that with endless effort to improve and build our farm business we would arrive at a place of domestic bliss at some distant point in the future, but I have found so far that it is of primary importance to consciously work toward that bliss regardless of what my circumstances may be at any given moment. I also have to give myself time to do what I love, to relax and let go of all that I cling to so hard, the problems I see and the negative things that dwell in my subconscious mind. Working on myself is the best thing I can do for my wife or for the farm.

Work is good. Working my ass off is great, but so is having fun. Without that release, I am in imbalance – tension is held until it all blows up in my face. When I say goodbye to the tension, I continue onward with a lighter heart. Of course, more tensions arise and bad things happen, but it really does work out in the end.

As a meditator, I know that it is helpful to watch my emotions and thoughts pass through me, and realize that I am not them, they are not me. This was such an enlightening breakthrough for me, back in my twenties. When you meditate, you see the whirlpool inside and it is pretty amazing that we can ever get outside of that. But if we do for even a few moments, our whole self becomes refreshed.

That is what it comes down to – how to refresh the household, how to refresh our lives.

If I work on refreshing at least one thing a day, I can work my way toward that bliss.


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