Why Duck?

What is so great about a  duck?

The duck is  symbol of resilience, a bird that is at home on land, water, or air. The duck is a light animal, weighing only a few pounds and living on the edges of water, land, and air.  Birds are the most adaptable animal, and ducks even more so.

The power of the duck does not lie within strength, might, or willpower. The power of the duck lies within its ability to adapt to any situation, eat all that is available, and provide its own warmth and shelter within its downy waterproof feathers.

Eating bugs, slugs, worms, grasses, and grains, a duck can survive in most habitats. One hundred ducks become essentially a living organism, like a herd of caribou, and their defensive position is to confuse. Their constitution is tough; I have seen a duck I thought on the brink of death come back to life after a few days of rest.

A duck provides rich manure, useful down and feathers, delicious meat, and most amazingly, rich eggs. On a limited landscape, a duck will utilize all available resources.

The duck is the symbol of our farm because of all these reasons, and also just because we like them. They are a constant source of amusement and enjoyment – for they do not take themselves to seriously. This Earth Day we should all strive to live like a duck!



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