reality or cartoons

The coldness seeps into the ground, turning the green stuff white.

We have plenty of work to do before November. Not sure how we got to this point already, but here we are. We moved the turkeys from the field to the hoophouse. Chickens and geese are on the field garden, fertilizing and scratching up the grubs.

All of a sudden heat becomes a big deal. Should we use gas or wood? The roofing is failing and falling in so we have to consider the loss of energy through the roof. This year we probably will use mostly gas. Hopefully within a couple years we have our tightly built cabin ready for the winter, and we can supply all of our heat with wood.

Now we work in the mud, slipping and sliding and creating a huge mess. Interesting how we tend to dislike mess the older we grow. Trying to keep the mind young and enjoy the mess. What else can you do.

We have plenty of turkeys available this year. Looking for a rush mid-November. Processing a goose tomorrow, maybe two. Want to see how they taste, what they are all about.

Eating in season means eating animal products in the winter Up North. Otherwise you are lying to yourself if you think you eat sustainably.  Meat, eggs, milk, and storage vegetables are what is available. Lard, oil, beans, grains, flour. Preserves, ferments, dried goods. We still eat like kings. Why do we think the goal of 100% local is a hardship? It is a blessing, a treasure. It is regenerative and sustains the local business community.

If you have a concept, you see things through a lens. Without that lens you see reality. The reality is that animals are our partners in life, and to deny that is to deny a fundamental aspect of our being human. To treat them as cartoons does them disrespect.


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