10 things – a work in progress

10. Everything falls apart. There is beauty in the passage of time and in the imperfect. Life is wabi sabi.

9.. Everything will work out in its own time. Rushing it doesn’t work, and neither does neglecting it. Keep doing everything at a good pace without panic but with care, and it will all work out in the end.

8. Nobody knows the answers. Especially those who think they do. All authorities are guessing on the guesses of professional guessers. Listen to  those who admit they do not know everything.

7. Trust your inner voice. Your conscious mind can’t fix every problem but your unconscious mind, your inner voice, can lead you through treacherous paths.

6. Find your path. Start on it today, and then continue on it tomorrow, regardless of anything whatsoever that happens. It is a blessing to do what you know you need to do.

5. Keep moving. All the healthy systems in nature are constantly moving, changing, flowing. Stagnation leads to death.

4. Most of the the time the negative and positive things balance each other out.

3. Respect every thing. Our greatest gift is life and the greatest gift we can give back to every thing is respect.

2. Work can be play, play can be work.

1.  Enjoy it all.


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