Amazingly vivid dream last night. It was my first 2 hours of good sleep in over a month, and I immediately dropped off into REM sleep.

We had prepared a large amount of food for our CSA Dinner, and everything was organic and tasty and sourced directly from our farm. My mom had made cute tablecloths that said as much, but they were covered with food, plates, cups, and everyone seemed to be enjoying some wine or beer and the weather was just about as nice as it could be. A little more breeze would have washed away the little gnats that flew into our mouths and eyes, but overall it was a great experience. I love being able to meet and talk to the people who enjoy our food in our CSA boxes. Nothing more gratifying then hearing how much they love it all, since we try to put as much goodness in each box as possible.

So as our last guests hit the road in the setting sun, and we got ready to go out and camp with our pastured birds. Our tent was ripped to shreds by the lightning storm downpour cloud, so we are sleeping in the car.

Woke up as my wife was getting ready for bird watching duty. My neck was just incredibly sore, perhaps from lying at such a strange angle. So I just got up and walked home using my phone as a flashlight. Passed out in bed immediately after taking a couple aspirin and downing a big glass of water.

The dream was like an examination of my thoughts and fears for the last couple of months. I believe dreams can teach us so much about our subconscious, so I try to pay attention to what they have to say. But sometimes it is very hard to disentangle the threads or decipher the imagery.

This one was set in a post apocalyptic urban enviroment. It engaged me in so many ways, and left me high and dry, waking up and gasping for air. It examined humanities inability to see other beings as beings, and also what kind of animal lies deep inside our brains. It was an extremely useful dream that brought together a lot of what has been going on in my life, and yet there is still much to be pondered.

What have you been dreaming about?


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