10 things – a work in progress

10. Everything falls apart. There is beauty in the passage of time and in the imperfect. Life is wabi sabi. 9.. Everything will work out in its own time. Rushing it doesn't work, and neither does neglecting it. Keep doing everything at a good pace without panic but with care, and it will all work … Continue reading 10 things – a work in progress



What is this farm? Is it merely a piece of land that we willfully cause to be agriculturally productive? Or is it more then that, a portal into nature? We've lived here three years now, and we are just beginning to understand what this farm is. I am beginning to want to share more of … Continue reading Teikei


Amazingly vivid dream last night. It was my first 2 hours of good sleep in over a month, and I immediately dropped off into REM sleep. We had prepared a large amount of food for our CSA Dinner, and everything was organic and tasty and sourced directly from our farm. My mom had made cute … Continue reading dream