Yesterday my wife and I went out to the goat shed early in the morning before the humidity and heat started to rise, I with my .22 rifle and she with a scoop full of corn. We brought out three of our goat kids one at a time and shot them once in the head, which stunned them immediately, and then cut their throats. All in all the goat kids left the gate and died within about 30 seconds. This is the most humane way for any animal to die. Nothing grounds you in reality like a death or a birth. The reality is that these animals were males, and male goats are relatively unsellable compared to females. They had a lovely few months living a peaceful life and now will become a special meal for us.

We then put them on the gambrel and I went to work butchering them. It is better to cool them down under 40 degrees F for 24 hours, but we don’t have the resources to do that, so we decided to butcher and refrigerate until today.

Today I am going to break down the primal cuts and trim them of their silverskin, and then make a kind Cabrito el Horno by roasting the meat in the oven at 225 degrees F for 6 to 8 hours. My intent is to have the meat fall completely off the bone. Then I am going to pull all the meat off and mix in some Tex-Mex herbs and spices, roast for another hour or so, and let it cool until tomorrow, when I will reheat it and it will become the centerpiece of our CSA Member dinner, where we will have Cabrito Tacos with Refried Beans, Tex-Mex Rice, Pico Di Gallo, and other sides with ingredients all sourced from our farm.

I love growing and cooking food, knowing the whole cycle from beginning to end. It is an amazing life to be a farmer.


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