good morning

Our three little pigs twirl like their tails when I come with their big old bucket of slop –  this time old fermented pickles, duck eggs, and soaked organic grains. They like to slurp up the juices before chowing down. The bunnies are all pressed eagerly against wire waiting for their fresh hay and water, the very embodiment of fuzzy cuteness. The one doe with her kits eagerly awaits her fresh water as her kits aggressively suckle.

The ducks are content in the morning, while the sun rises and illuminates everything golden. Here is a hay pile, here is a compost pile, here is a junk pile. Everyone is thirsty.

The geese and the goats are loud, waiting for corn. I notice the morning sun shining on the dew in the spiderwebs, the funnel web spiders with their retreat in the middle. Thinking about structures, can’t wait to build our house, but meanwhile i have to order the posts for the duck barn addition. Not stressed out yet, too early in the day. Each hole will be augered into our rich clay soil, each post will be placed, and so it will be.

There is nothing out of time, nothing out of place. We lost another chicken last night, this time no sight of an owl, no apparent bite marks. What is happening? Could the geese possibly be killing the young chicken? It makes some sense, but also no sense. It is very hard to get all the chickens into the trailer at night, they mostly want to huddle underneath.

But meanwhile the turkeys are a joy. We tend to them happily, they are grateful, curious, and crazy.  Sometimes I think I would choose turkeys over the other animals if I could only raise one type of animal. But of course what a loss that would be – the diversity is what makes it interesting, what helps create a balanced system. But sometimes I think we are a bit too diverse- then I look out at nature and think, what is  “too diverse”?


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