broken steel

A shaft broke on the Kubota – one that connects the crank to an auxiliary hydraulic pump that powers the loader. I noticed when the loader quit working and a weird knocking sound came from the engine. Terrified me. On close inspection I saw the broken shaft, and disassembled the engine housing and radiator to get to the problem. The real issue was that the splined shaft was welded onto a flange, because the grooves in the coupling were worn out. So then I went to a tractor repair guy, and after some talking he sliced off the junked bit of shaft off the coupling and welded it back together, only shorter. We didn’t know if it would have enough length to get into the coupling on the hydraulic pump. I came back home and fit it up and by golly it did. So for $10 I think the problem is fixed. The shaft isn’t true, though, so there is a lot of wobble. Hopefully not enough to cause to many problems. We’ll see, I guess.

Otherwise days have been cool and damp. I think we only had maybe a week of hot summer days, and now we’re getting into the middle of August, it feels a bit wrong, but I’m definitely a cool guy, not too into hot. Cool as a cucumber, Cool Hand Luke, Coolio – that’s me.

In a bit here I am going to go out and put the tractor back together with my dad, see if he has any advice. Wondering if I should raise reindeer. Thinking about  fall crops. Cleaning the dishes. You know, just a normal day on the farm.


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