Yesterday my wife and I went out to the goat shed early in the morning before the humidity and heat started to rise, I with my .22 rifle and she with a scoop full of corn. We brought out three of our goat kids one at a time and shot them once in the head, … Continue reading Cabrito


the sun was orange, I had to stare the moon was almost full in the sky the turkeys coo on roosting boards one bird is killed from up above eyes are closed in a pool of blood but we only wail for a minute - this is how it is. We can see only so … Continue reading

good morning

Our three little pigs twirl like their tails when I come with their big old bucket of slop -  this time old fermented pickles, duck eggs, and soaked organic grains. They like to slurp up the juices before chowing down. The bunnies are all pressed eagerly against wire waiting for their fresh hay and water, … Continue reading good morning

broken steel

A shaft broke on the Kubota - one that connects the crank to an auxiliary hydraulic pump that powers the loader. I noticed when the loader quit working and a weird knocking sound came from the engine. Terrified me. On close inspection I saw the broken shaft, and disassembled the engine housing and radiator to … Continue reading broken steel