drawing time

The days are fall like, cool 45 degree weather finding us wrapped in blankets in the tent, as we camp by the turkeys, geese, and chickens, out in the hay field.

Trying to find the balance between work and play. How big must you grow to become viable? Nature answers back. There are too many variables. Be ever so slightly uncomfortable, and you are probably growing at a good pace. Feeling miserable indicates a problem.

My mind filled with ideas to try, inventions to build. I think time working on these projects is well spent, but other projects come first. That is the nature of the game.

I think my first creative impulse was drawing. Marking something on a surface. Like prehistoric man. Then came cooking, then music. Going to go back to the drawing board, find that spark that came when pen touched paper. Not looking for resolution or epiphany, just satisfaction. I will give myself one hour to capture something – an idea, a bird, anything. There is a reason to be self-employed, and it is all about time.


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