the shell

Wow. I became enthusiastically busy there for the last month and a half or so. Sorry about not finishing the story. But I will leave that ending for a future post.

A trend in synapses. Observing as a Way, a way to a means, a way forward, Seeing, being aware, trying to fathom, to understand what is around you, what is going on.

A while ago I thought of our farm as a cloud. Something that can dissolve and reappear at will – but in reality, is this the case? One farm is tied to one piece of land I think, or is it? Can a farm name be transferred to another place? I mean, obviously it can. So does this imply that the farmers are more important then the land, at least to the consumer? I suppose so .

So the farmer, the person,  is like the cloud, one lifetime lived as a storm, another as a peaceful cirrus strips floating.

I hear the cloppety clop of the Amish horses pass by now.

The season has been unbearable wet and gloomy. Seeds rot in the fields, weeds grow lush, everything covered in a film of wet silt. Using machines on this soil is not advised.

Peeping downstairs, the poults have arrived, the chicks have moved out to the portabrooder, the meat ducks, rabbits, geese all in an electronet enclosure. Dogs tied up everywhere to scare of predators. Meanwhile the laying ducks are fat & happy.

Does the planet have consciousness, is there a ghost in the shell? Sometimes I think the consciousness we humans share is a mutation. Do you believe in the consciousness of other things, rocks, planets, rabbits, oaks?


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