sea software

A dream is like the part of an iceberg that lies under the surface of the water. Our waking, conscious mind is what lies above. Dreams help us process our lives and throws us into scenarios we fear or desire. Perhaps in dreams we learn how to live before we live. Our unconscious sea software slowly works through our problems.

There has been a bit of stress around here of late. The ongoing next-door-neighbor-frac-sand-mining issue and tragic duckling fire are two standout stressers, but even if everything was running smoothly there is the simple stress of running a business, a farm, a family, and a household. Just a couple months ago I noticed that i had gray hairs and I’m in my mid 30s.

Stress is not inspirational. To me it looks like the more stress you cultivate, the more stress you grow. I have come up with some ways to destress, and they are adequate to the task, but I wonder now if there are better ways out there.

So last year I tried Tai Chi. I sort of immediately realized I’m too stressed to do Tai Chi. Tai Chi should relax me, put me under a spell of meditative movement. For me, not so. I have energy that wants to be transformed into super ninja hurricane hits. So I didn’t do that this year.

This year we have been consumed with business plans, concerns, issues, urgent items. The Frac Sand Mining issue was like the Titanic smashing into our dream world. Somehow our sea software has yet to come up with the ideal plan-of-action. I think it may be time to run a debugger program.


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