keypoint meeting

My mind is swarming with thoughts about the upcoming season.

There are so many different parts of a farm business – how to integrate them into a cohesive whole is the goal.

One thing unique about a farm business is that it is biologically based. Soil, climate, weather, seed stock; these all form the base of what you can accomplish in a given growing season.  Working with these elements is complicated enough, but we also have to sell our products at the end of the day. That’s what frustrates me some days, we get so wrapped up in the HOW sometimes we don’t know the WHY. But that’s why we have our farm meetings.

Each morning we sit down and make a list of goals for the day. We talk over  the shorter goals for the week and longer goals for the season. Occasionally we talk about the goals for the year, or the goals for future years. We give ourselves milestones to reach and we work toward them each and every day. Small, large, medium, huge, long-term, short term, feelings, thoughts – we address all of these almost every day. Without these meetings we would be lost in a sea of confusion. It’s true, when we go without  our farm meetings, we totally lose focus and the day usually ends up as a bust in some way.

So I encourage you to start and religiously hold farm meetings every morning. Connection is the key.


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