Wow, I feel like Mr. Contrary these days…

Lots of folks spout the gospel of heritage birds and heirloom beans and all these things that are actually wonderful things. But these are mostly  folks that, at the end of the day, are not making their living off the land, and therefore can chatter on and on about any high-minded ideal they want to. But every morning they get up and go to the office or factory to crank out more widgets or code or what-have-you and rely on some other monstrous corporate entity to pay them for their hours.

You are living in a fantasy world folks.

You know what really matters? What you actually consume every single day. So if you get a fast food cheeseburger and then cook up a conventional , or even organic, broiler chicken for your family, then I just do not care what you think about heritage chickens. The reality is, my friend, that you want huge portions of meat, and you want it at a reasonable price. So therefore we don’t primarily raise heritage chickens, because you , the customer, don’t really want them yet. Maybe in a couple of years when your palate has developed, you will. But that doesn’t help my bottom line.

If you think that farming is just a peachy scene in a hay field with glistening sheep and apples in the sun, get real. Life is much more complex then that.

A farm is a business, and a business has to be run in the black or you lose your business. Simple as that.

All of our animals live wonderful lives. Hybrid animals and seed are not evil things. In fact, the majority of your food comes from hybrids. You are a hybrid as well. So stop nit-picking through the minutiae of small farm business and get back to whatever it is that you do well.


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