The snow is melting outside and all paths are either deep puddles or puddles covering ice. I slip and slide and splash around in the hazy grayness of the day as a light rain coats my glasses. Sometimes weather does seem to be a mirror of the inner world.

The board meeting went as well as could be expected. Over a hundred people from our little township showed up. I think the board members got the message, but now they need to decide if they give a shit about the message. We essentially have no power as citizens other then electing the right people to office. Luckily, we have a caucus on Tuesday to hopefully begin that process, and the elections are in April. That may be a little too far in the future to help, but we shall see.

I will be going to the MOSES conference next month. My wife is putting on a presentation on using social media at the Midwest CSA conference in Eau Claire right now. I’ve been doing chores here, keeping an eye on the farmstead.

A weasel killed our buck rabbit yesterday. I do not like weasels or any of their family.



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