I am very frustrated this morning. The toilet and kitchen sink are backed up, a poor duck was frozen to death for some reason, the hashbrowns were sticking to the unseasoned skillet (not to mention they are tiny blue potatoes that don’t make good hashbrowns), and I kept dropping and spilling everything. There were other smaller issues, but overall the morning was darkened by a cloud. And of course the overall threat of the frac sand mine hanging over our heads. And I am quitting the cancer sticks.

Ironic because the morning was gorgeous. I couldn’t see the sunrise for all the gloom in my eyes. I have come to realize that the best thing for me to do is take a breather, try to unwind my tension. Maybe I will fold a piece of origami, that seems to relax me every time.

Remember to treat yourself kindly. If not for you, for everyone around you…


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