The snow is melting outside and all paths are either deep puddles or puddles covering ice. I slip and slide and splash around in the hazy grayness of the day as a light rain coats my glasses. Sometimes weather does seem to be a mirror of the inner world.

The board meeting went as well as could be expected. Over a hundred people from our little township showed up. I think the board members got the message, but now they need to decide if they give a shit about the message. We essentially have no power as citizens other then electing the right people to office. Luckily, we have a caucus on Tuesday to hopefully begin that process, and the elections are in April. That may be a little too far in the future to help, but we shall see.

I will be going to the MOSES conference next month. My wife is putting on a presentation on using social media at the Midwest CSA conference in Eau Claire right now. I’ve been doing chores here, keeping an eye on the farmstead.

A weasel killed our buck rabbit yesterday. I do not like weasels or any of their family.



I am very frustrated this morning. The toilet and kitchen sink are backed up, a poor duck was frozen to death for some reason, the hashbrowns were sticking to the unseasoned skillet (not to mention they are tiny blue potatoes that don’t make good hashbrowns), and I kept dropping and spilling everything. There were other smaller issues, but overall the morning was darkened by a cloud. And of course the overall threat of the frac sand mine hanging over our heads. And I am quitting the cancer sticks.

Ironic because the morning was gorgeous. I couldn’t see the sunrise for all the gloom in my eyes. I have come to realize that the best thing for me to do is take a breather, try to unwind my tension. Maybe I will fold a piece of origami, that seems to relax me every time.

Remember to treat yourself kindly. If not for you, for everyone around you…

daydream 1, 2013

If only I could shrink way way down

and walk the pathways of a snow flake

fallen on the smooth leather of a hollow leaf

gripping the gnarled branch of a sleeping oak

If only I could shrink way way down

and follow the veins of an oak leaf

leading inward, to the trunk

smooth, translucent like grandmothers skin

to ride a dust mote in the lazy sunshine

through a forest of moss and mushrooms

to land at the muddy shores of a puddle, a lake, a sea


If only there was a way to escape this prison

of my own scale

every now and then…

Adapt or die

Well the fracking frackers are moving in…

What else can I say? This last couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of emotion. I feel the stages of grief wash over me like waves in the sea. And all the stresses of building a farm, life, and business are all mixed up in there too. It has been more than 2 years of work work work to get to where we are now and we were just starting to feel like things were starting to get under control. But then this happened and blew us out of the metaphysical water.

Basically a few days before Christmas we saw and heard some major drilling in our neighbors property which is right next to our field garden. It became quite apparent that they were exploratory drilling for frac sand mining. Our township is currently un-zoned and our neighbor is one of three board members for the township. For the past year he has been assuring his friends and neighbors that there is no way that frac sand mining would happen here and then he does a 180 and stabs everybody in the back. Unbelievable. And most likely illegal. But it just goes to show you how money can make people insane. This motherfracker has just sealed off any hopes of every having a friendship with all of us neighbors and I don’t think he knows how serious it is to all of us. Our good neighbor friend’s property is right across from this possible mine. They also raise many animals and moved here to enjoy the quiet county life in these beautiful rolling hills.

I am, in turn, filled with anger and sadness. This mine would chase us from our dream. There is no way we could live with 400 trucks blaring down our road every day, endless noise and pollution from the mine, and the degraded quality of life that it would bring.

On the bright side they may not find any useful sand there. And our neighbors are banding together to fight this thing. Never underestimate the power of a few committed neighbors…We will overcome this monster mining corporation.

Whatever happens, we will adapt.