• re-engineer duck watering area – needs plastic drainage tub connected to platform more solidly – what to use?? plastic / fiberglass ( grandpa used fiberglass in all his farm inventions) / resin/ rubber – and how to attach??
  • get the duck barn corners covered – needs to be secure because of predators
  • roof repair on house – needs to be done before winter!!
  • build composting toilet system – attached to west side of house, or will not use in winter – using design from Milkwood Permaculture
  • tear down camper – rebuild to tinyhome type camper – needs to be done before winter so we can work on the inside of the house!!
  • new tires on trailer at folks place – build up some wall, haul oak logs home- split and stack for winter – build chicken coop on trailer for next year
  • start berm and swale in duck pasture area – first take down fencing in turkey area, redo fencing – plan duck orchard fencing plan — obtain fruit tree and grape stock in spring and plant
  • change oil in car and truck
  • check out old truck engine – smoking out of head gasket type area
  • Set up new goat paddock to grow out next years kids
  • rototilling chicken area after harvesting them over next two weeks
  • breed the new rabbit – harvest the young rabbits in the tractor  for Market on the Farm day
  • harvesting cabbage and making kraut – need more crocks!
  • when is the insurance guy getting back to me with the quote?
  • Build new home – in 2015 or so

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