• re-engineer duck watering area – needs plastic drainage tub connected to platform more solidly – what to use?? plastic / fiberglass ( grandpa used fiberglass in all his farm inventions) / resin/ rubber – and how to attach??
  • get the duck barn corners covered – needs to be secure because of predators
  • roof repair on house – needs to be done before winter!!
  • build composting toilet system – attached to west side of house, or will not use in winter – using design from Milkwood Permaculture
  • tear down camper – rebuild to tinyhome type camper – needs to be done before winter so we can work on the inside of the house!!
  • new tires on trailer at folks place – build up some wall, haul oak logs home- split and stack for winter – build chicken coop on trailer for next year
  • start berm and swale in duck pasture area – first take down fencing in turkey area, redo fencing – plan duck orchard fencing plan — obtain fruit tree and grape stock in spring and plant
  • change oil in car and truck
  • check out old truck engine – smoking out of head gasket type area
  • Set up new goat paddock to grow out next years kids
  • rototilling chicken area after harvesting them over next two weeks
  • breed the new rabbit – harvest the young rabbits in the tractor¬† for Market on the Farm day
  • harvesting cabbage and making kraut – need more crocks!
  • when is the insurance guy getting back to me with the quote?
  • Build new home – in 2015 or so

fugal state

It seems to me that in some way all of us must somehow interpret our reality in order to cope with it. Maybe our journey through life is simply trying to find the interpretation that resonates with you. More and more these days I have been thinking about what exactly is it that makes us happy. I even watched a movie about it. The reason I am so interested in this topic is that i think that most of us don’t know exactly where our happiness comes from, and so our ignorance leads to foolish grasping at sugary sweet dreams that won’t make us happy. I don’t think something else outside of ourselves can make us happy for long.¬† I do think that we can choose to be happy. Studies have shown that people who practice happiness can bounce back from bad events quickly, even events that others would take years or a lifetime to get over. In that sense, I think happiness is powerful medicine.

It’s a big topic though, so I’m going to forget about it for now and focus on more practical things. It’s also been proven that if you focus on small details, large results can follow, and happiness can arise from that sense of achievement and strength. I think our minds are hardwired to analyze the hell out of everything, yet I think our souls exist to enjoy life. So I think it is better to just do something then to place too much emphasis on contemplating the past or future. Again, it all comes down to the fact that the present moment is the reality in which we live, and yet most of us live in the past or future. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, it is raining outside, a steady drizzle. I decided to write a little because sometimes that makes me happy. Sometimes I distrust all these words and feel better hanging out with the plants and animals, who can only speak the truth. But not when I’ll get cold and wet.