fire or water

I want to go tinier and tinier until all I can see is the microscopic particles dancing in the water.

My thoughts are thus: In this day and age in this consumer society, it’s all about bigger, faster, more powerful, more more more. What happens to time when we are in a big rush to gain everything? I think it gets ignored, and my revolutionary idea ( not new by any means) is to change the focus on getting the most, the biggest, the most powerful to being present with the least, smallest, and seemingly insignificant. Think of dinosaur to bee.

I think observing and connecting is the key to understanding the universe and myself. No small words. But this is the universe we’re talking about.

I want to go infinitesimally smaller until I reach the infinitely huge.

On the practical plane, this means to stop rushing about trying to get everything done as fast as possible. I have to stop and understand what it is that is going on all around me. I know that, with farming as an occupation, nothing will ever really get done, so how do I pace myself? I seem to waver between overworking myself and taking too much time to relax. A strange paradox. To find that in-between golden spot would be ideal. And therefore, I must hold back the impulse to rush. There is nowhere to get to, just things that need to get done. If I am here in this moment that is all there is, and I am happy.

I think we all look for that moment of melding. When we become one with whatever it is that we’re doing. When we loose ourselves, we gain the whole world.

So today, being consistently focused on the present. Being honest with oneself and others is also difficult, but without the honesty we are constantly reacting to events, causing the eternal moment to become the eternal battle.

The question is, is life a battle or is it a dance?


One thought on “fire or water

  1. I appreciate your insights and daily musings Andrew! I’m more on the side of life as a dance. Give and receive. Balance of chaos. I have pondered much on the razors edge. Keep on keeping on, you are on the right path.


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