sweating trumpets

The humidity yesterday seemed to be about 100%. I dripped sweat like a crazy man in some savage jungle. My clothes were soaked and clung to me in a very irritating way. But, I needed to do these certain things! Something must get done, and only I can do these certain somethings!

But I felt horrible. Dizzy, nauseous, hot, bothered. Whatever I had eaten sat like a lump in my gut. But I must get this thing done!

These animals all around, good god, they had fur and feathers, how awful. Insects seemed smart, body made of chitin, no sweating there. These alien beings swarm en masse all around us; in the soil, the grass, the trees, inside the walls of our houses, in our hair.  Very successful little machines, they feel weather differently then us mammals do.

So do plants. Plants are even more comfortable in this weather. They love this humid sweat bath. And woody plants basically don’t even try to get comfortable. Trees and shrubs just stand outside naked all winter

So what is my problem? Is Kung Fu Farmer nothing but a coward? For bravery, I thought of the rewards of the future; a fan, a cold one, a delicious BLT. And yes, it is a simple ploy, but it is also a strategic tactic that has won many battles. And so I did finish the important something, and I did enjoy the spoils of victory. But again, today,  as I glanced at the weather report, I heard the trumpets of war off in the distance.



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