Briar Rabbit vs the Net

Rabbit looks at me with gentle cooing eyes of steel. I look back. There is no way I can traverse the distance between him and I within a span of a millisecond. He knows this. So he is calm, every so slightly wary with his ears perked forward.

The rabbits in the tractor look at me with eyes pleading for food. They are hungry always, for they are growing.
Rabbit outside of tractor is always eating the grass, clover, dandelions. He too is always hungry but he has the ability to satisfy himself, and do as he pleases. But that doesn’t fit into my plans, because I cannot catch him and therefore Rabbit will not feed me, and I am growing.
I will try to catch him anyways. I walk toward him softly, but then at the last moment, right before I pounce, he trots away nonchalantly, through the fence so that I can not reach him in the briar patch. Untouchable by net, I will have to use other methods, like a trap. But meanwhile he hangs around his brothers and sisters in the tractor. Munching, munching.



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